Read the paper Responsible software: a research agenda to help enterprises become more sustainable, which was published in the ICT4S 2016 conference.

Responsible enterprises perform accordingly to ethical values, taking care of the impact of their activities on society and on the environment.

Triple bottom line

They face challenges such as measuring how sustainable they are, integrating that information into their decision making, enacting continuous improvement processes that make them increasingly responsible, thriving in economic ecosystems where not every other company shares their values, communicating transparently with other enterprises, governments and citizens, facilitating responsible consumerism, etc. RespSW examples.png

We apply enterprise modelling and information and communication technology (ICT) to help responsible enterprises achieve their mission, while contributing new knowledge to the scientific community.

One of the major topics we are addressing in the research line is socio-environmental auditing (SEA), the process of assessing and reporting the social and environmental effects of a company’s economic actions to particular interest groups within society and to society at large. ICT becomes important to support managing the auditing process, implementing proper mechanisms (web forms, mobile apps, surveys, sensors) to gather data, providing dashboards with socio-environmental indicators, supporting the proper reporting of the results to different interest groups (PDF reports, websites, infographics), etc. SEA is not only a means to measure and report the level of responsibility of an enterprise, but also the starting point to a continuous improvement of the enterprise.


We are a team of passionate and expert researchers. These are some of the competences we apply to support the mission of responsible enterprises: responsible enterprise modelling, business process management, socio-environmental business intelligence, model-driven software engineering, requirements engineering, business and ICT ecosystem analysis, open source software.

MBI thesis projects available

I only supervise theses within the Master in Business Informatics that are aligned with the Responsible Software research line. See an updated list of available MBI thesis projects in this page.

OZP projects available

I have a strong preference for bachelor projects that are aligned with the Responsible Software research line. Once I have filed my available slots, I only accept projects in this domain. See a list of available OZP projects in this page.

Capita Selecta projects available

There are a number of available Capita Selecta projects in this page. It is possible to later evolve this work into an OXP or an MBI thesis. Feel free to write me an email to discuss any of them.